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Today's Best Five Year Mortgage Rates!

3.44% *
5 Year Fixed
Available For Purchases & Transfers Only


2.70% *
(prime -1.00%)
5 Year Variable
Available For Purchases & Transfers Only

*Owner occupied only OAC

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Serving not only the Mission, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and Chilliwack communities - but we provide mortgages throughout all of BC!  We've helped thousands of people fulfill their homeownership dreams.
"Let me put my twenty-nine years experience to work for you!"
We welcome bank declines, former grow-ops, and foreclosure purchases!  Have a tough situation - give us a call!

Mortgage Tips!

Did you know that  most major banks have radically different (read higher) penalty calculations than Broker-Only Mortgage Lenders?

This means that it can cost you literally $1,000's of dollars more to refinance, sell, or transfer your mortgage from most banks.

We only deal with the best lenders with standard penalties and the best prepayment options!

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Our Mission Statement : To provide exceptional mortgage broker services along with the best mortgage rates available to our clients and friends in not only Mission, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and Chilliwack, but throughout BC!   
Looking for a mortgage broker to assist with your purchase or refinance anywhere in BC?  Consider Doug Lifford & Associates! With almost thirty years experience in the mortgage industry we provide not only the better than bank mortgage rates, we provide the experience that you can count on to complete your refinance or home purchase. We can help you secure the low interest mortgage you want whether you plan to refinance or buy.  For great home loan products and low interest rates with the experience to back it - choose Doug Lifford Mortgage Services to get the job done!
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