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Also Called a Progress Advance Mortgage

Builders and individual homebuyers take advantage of progress advances while the property is building built.  I have helped literally 100's of homeowners with their residential construction projects, and even built my own.  Let me put that experience to work for you.

Three Programs

  • Residential Home Builder program: for people who are buying a home through a residential home builder.

  • Contractor program: for people who either own their own land or buy the land from a general contractor, and then build their home through that one general contractor (more than 50% of the cost to complete is done by one contractor)

  • Self-Built Program: for people who either own their own land or purchases the land and acts as their own general contractor and hires qualified, licensed trade persons to build their home.

Eligible Properties

  • Maximum two units.  Single-family detatched and semi-detached homes.  Condominium properties are not eligible.

  • New construction must conform to the National Building Code and the latest edition of Residential Standards Canada - or the applicable municipal and provincial building codes.


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